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Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge Recipe Link


Eat Write Retreat Culinary Challenge Guidelines:

Four delicious and versatile ingredients will be highlighted in the Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge: California Figs, California Ripe Olives, US Potatoes and California Raisins.

Each participating blogger has been randomly assigned one of these ingredients to feature in an  Amazing Appetizer recipe blog post.

Here are the Culinary Challenge guidelines:

  • To participate, create and post an original appetizer recipe featuring your designated ingredient
  • In your blog post, include at least one piece of new information that you learned about your ingredient from materials included in the box
  • All blog posts must be published by May 15, 2013 to be eligible
  • You must submit your post on this page (http://eatwriteretreat.com/amazing-apps-culinary-challenge-recipe-link)
  • One winner will be selected in each of the four ingredient categories
  • Winners will be selected by the ingredient sponsors based on the following criteria
    • 25% originality
    • 25% uses ingredient in a creative way
    • 25% photography quality
    • 25% follows “Amazing Appetizers” theme

The Amazing App Culinary Challenge will culminate at the Eat Write Retreat Gala Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening, June 1 at R2L, one of Philadelphia’s premier dining destinations. All attendees will be treated to spectacular views of the Philly skyline while enjoying delectable bites highlighting the four delicious ingredients

The winner in each ingredient category will be announced during the Gala Awards Ceremony. The grand prize in each ingredient category is an Apple iPad and a $25 gift card to pick some amazing apps to use on your new iPad, an OXO Cookbook Holder to keep your screen shiny and new while cooking, and $500  of your choice of OXO tools…and of course, year-long bragging rights.

Questions? Feel free to contact us, and in the meantime, get cooking!


Liz Conant

Casey Benedict
Eat Write Retreat

42 Responses to “Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge Recipe Link”

  1. Chris Scheuer Says:

    I’m excited about attending Eat Write Retreat 2013. I received my culinary challenge assignment a few days ago and created the following recipe and blog post from my secret ingredient, California Raisins. Here is the link to my post and recipe;
    Thanks for this fun opportunity,
    Chris Scheuer
    P.S. I hope I’m submitting this in the right place.

  2. Kaitlin @ I Can Cook That Says:

    I decided to use California Raisins in a savory dish: Mediterranean Stuffed Mini Peppers, with lamb, farro, California raisins, tomatoes, pine nuts, lemon zest, and feta. I hope you enjoy it!


  3. Joanne Says:

    I’m so excited about this! Here is my post about my secret ingredient – California ripe olive. http://www.joanne-eatswellwithothers.com/2013/05/recipe-black-olive-gougeres-and-smoky.html

  4. Kathryne Says:

    At first I was stumped for an appetizer using California Raisins but now I am dreaming about some day visiting the family vineyards of the grape growers. I was influenced by a trip to visit friends in Sicily and here’s my post: http://foodmusings.ca/food-travel/amazing-appetizers-culinary-challenge-my-secret-ingredient-califoria-raisins/ Love-that is all.

  5. Deanna Segrave-Daly Says:

    Such fun to be able to participate in this unique contest! I was assigned California Ripe Olives and here’s my post for Olive & Watermelon Salad Bites:

  6. Patricia Says:

    A distinctly Canadian use of California raisins.


    And there is BACON!

    Maple Bacon Butter Tarts


  7. Rachel @ The Creole Woman Says:

    Here it is, I actually used what I thought was my most hated ingredient – olives! California Ripe Olives in a Sesame Boulette. YUM! http://thecreolewoman.com/sesame-boulettes-with-california-ripe-olives/

  8. Heather Lang Says:

    Here’s is my adventure working with California Figs. Loved the challenge.

  9. Kurt Jacobson Says:

    Black olives are good comfort food!

  10. Stephanie @CopyKat.com Says:

    I loved making my figs, goat cheese, and wine tappas. http://www.copykat.com/2013/05/12/figs-wine-and-goat-cheese-tappas/

  11. Susan Says:

    I couldn’t get this idea out of my head for use of my California Raisins, so I decided to make Chicken, Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato and Raisin Empanadas. http://girlinthelittleredkitchen.com/2013/05/chicken-goat-cheese-sun-dried-tomato-raisin-empanadas/

  12. Renée J. (RJ Flamingo) Says:

    Mine’s done! I never met a potato I didn’t love, and I had a great time with it. Meet the gourmet, vegan version of a Latin street food classic: http://flamingomusings.com/2013/05/vegan-truffled-stuffed-potatoes-an-amazing-appetizer.html

  13. Lauren at Keep It Sweet Says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! Here is my post with California Raisins: http://keepitsweetdesserts.com/asparagus-salad-with-wheat-berries-raisins-and-pickled-onions/

  14. Roxana | Roxana's Home Baking Says:

    I had a fun time creating an appetizer for this Culinary Challenge using raisins. They turned out better than I expected YAY!

    Thank you!

  15. Emily Paster Says:

    Here is my entry for Team Potato, causa rellena, a Peruvian mashed potato cake layered with a vegetable filling: http://www.westoftheloop.com/2013/05/13/causa-rellena-for-the-amazing-apps-culinary-challenge/

  16. Episode 130 - Fig Empanadas - The Aubergine Chef Says:

    […] Another surprise was a gift box and an invitation to participate in an Amazing Apps contest. I knew that something was supposed to be coming my way, but I was surprised to see everything that was included in my gift box beyond just the food samples. […]

  17. Jason Shriner at The Aubergine Chef Says:

    As a baker, an appetizer challenge was a little outside my comfort zone – then on top of that I had figs as my secret ingredient – an ingredient I have very little experience with! I had a great time experimenting with it and trying something new. I’m looking forward to the retreat!

    I decided to make Fig Empanadas!

  18. Buttermilk Ranch French Fries - Savory Simple Says:

    […] who registered early this year were automatically entered into an Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge. We were randomly assigned with an ingredient from one of the event sponsors. I knew in advance I […]

  19. Jen @ Savory Simple Says:

    Go Team Tater! Buttermilk Ranch French Fries:


  20. Sarah P. Says:

    Got figgy with it! A few words about these good eats plus a recipe for Broccoli Rabe with Sausage and Black Mission Figs & Gluten-Free Hot Pepper Ziti.


  21. Denise Sawyer Says:

    I am so excited to share my recipe with you! It has become a new family favorite that we will serve at summer {outdoor} parties this summer & even as dinner with a simple salad:
    Moroccan Flatbread with Rockin’ Raisin Marinara

  22. Megan Says:

    Figs! Here’s my Wine Poached Figs in Prosciutto Pie Bowls:


  23. Erin Says:

    Can’t go wrong with POTATOES!!! Super easy, exceptionally delicious … sadly, this amazing app was gone in minutes. Smashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic Aioli… Check it out!


  24. Renee Says:

    My Potato Crisp, Roasted Vegetables and Herbed Goat Cheese Napoleon using potatoes from The U.S. Potato Board. http://kitchenconundrum.com/2013/05/potato-crisp-roasted-vegetable-and-herbed-goat-cheese-napoleon/

  25. Terri Schlather (AGirlintheSouth) Says:

    Here’s my Olive You, Jam Appetizer Stack!


  26. Sherron@SimplyGourmet Says:

    I am trying this one more time..it would not post, sorry for so many entry attempts.

    Bacon Potato Pancake with Toasted Corn Salsa


  27. Ruthy @ Omeletta Says:

    I am so looking forward to Eat Write Retreat! Here’s my entry- can’t wait to see what everyone else has in store.
    Charred Ramp and Olive Tapenade on Jarlsberg Crostini:

  28. Jersey Girl Cooks Says:

    I am loving the California figs! Thanks for the goodies. Here is my entry for Fig and Salami Flatbreads. http://www.jerseygirlcooks.com/2013/05/fig-and-salami-flatbreads.html

  29. Mike Joslyn (Mr. Flamingo) Says:

    Here’s an unexpected and elegant appetizer using California Ripe Olives: http://flamingomusings.com/2013/05/california-ripe-olive-gelato-an-amazing-appetizer.html Enjoy!

  30. Colleen (Souffle Bombay) Says:

    Here you go!! I received potatoes! This was SO much fun and I am having a great time reading the submissions – great stuff guys!! I made Potato & Caramelized Onion Flatbread http://soufflebombay.blogspot.com/2013/05/potato-caramelized-onion-flatbread.html

  31. Kimberley @ Dusty Road Says:

    Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity….it was so much fun and I can’t wait to get to Philadelphia!!

    My Amazing App recipe is Pizza Potato Bites featuring California Ripe Olives…. http://dustyroadblog.com/2013/05/15/pizza-potato-bites-amazing-app-culinary-challenge/

  32. Jeanine @ Small Indulgences Says:

    I’m so excited that I was assigned figs!! I love them, and don’t nearly use them enough in my baking. I had a blast creating a recipe that incorporated them – Fig and Rosemary Rustic Scones. See you in Philly! http://smallindulgences.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/eat-write-retreat-culinary-challenge-fig-and-rosemary-scones/

  33. Gwen Wright Says:

    And the secret ingredient is… Potatoes!

    I had such a blast with this challenge. Here’s my recipe for Sour Cream & Chive Potato Mini Buns.

  34. Mary Beth Hunt Says:

    I made Crusty Roasted Garlic Potato Gnocchi Bites with my Mystery Box of Potatoes! I used a different ingredient in place of traditional flour and they turned out great! http://redmittens.com/2013/05/15/crusty-roasted-garlic-potato-gnocchi-bites/

  35. Shelby | Diabetic Foodie Says:

    I made Fig Quinoa Bites with my luscious California Figs. Here’s the link: http://www.diabeticfoodie.com/2013/05/fig-quinoa-bites/
    Look forward to meeting everyone in Philly!

  36. Scott Scheuer Says:

    I’m posting my California Fig & Raisin Crisps. Here’s the link:

  37. Delicious Shepherd’s Pie of Bite-Sized Proportions Says:

    […] prepare, elegant to serve, yet made with simple wholesome ingredients. This recipe is part of the Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge, and my assigned ingredient happens to be California Raisins! A big thank you to the upcoming Eat […]

  38. Valerie @ Inner Child Fun Says:

    My secret ingredient is California Raisins!


    Thanks for this FUN opportunity. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Philadelphia!!! 🙂

  39. A Giant Potato Pancake for Eat, Write, Retreat’s Amazing Apps Challenge | Food in Jars Says:

    […] done this is by inviting everyone who registered before April 15 to participate in the Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge. Now, I’m not typically someone who gets excited about challenges and contests, but this one […]

  40. A Giant Potato Pancake for Eat, Write, Retreat’s Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge | Food in Jars Says:

    […] done this is by inviting everyone who registered before April 15 to participate in the Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge. Now, I’m not typically someone who gets excited about challenges and contests, but this one […]

  41. Itty Bitty Raisin Biscuits - Sarah's Cucina Bella : Sarah's Cucina Bella Says:

    […] I was challenged to create an appetizer using raisins for the Amazing Apps Culinary Challenge that’s part of Eat Write Retreat, I immediately started thinking of breads — focaccia, French, rolls … but I kept coming […]

  42. Raisin cheese crackers recipe — Roxana's Home Baking Says:

    […] A couple of weeks ago I received a package to participate in the Eat Write Retreat Culinary Challenge. […]

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