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Eat Write Retreat 2011

Eat Write Retreat 2011 has come and gone, but we’ll always have the photos, the memories and the new friends to keep us connected to one magical weekend in Washington DC. Below we have compiled the blog posts that have sprung up from this event. Check them out and make sure to join our mailing list so that you are one of the lucky ones at the next Eat Write Retreat!

Also visit our Flickr and facbeook pages and add your own memories (photo or otherwise!).

Penny Pinching Epicure

A Nesting Experience “A large, beautiful, industrial kitchen was set up with everything we would need to create a culinary masterpiece…”

The Kitchen Minions “I also learned that when you take food out of the oven, it’s like taking a new car off the lot.  Things tend to depreciate rapidly…”

Healthy Delicious “…if your suitcase contains a 3-gallon ziplock bag of dry thyme, you WILL get a note from the TSA informing you that your bag was searched.”

The Experimental Gourmand “These were a delicious balance of crunchy, chewy, sweet, salty, meaty, and creamy.”

Maroc Mama “I scooped up some extras while at the conference just to share with you!” (A giveaway.)

Dan’s Good Side “There is always this slight set of nerves that kick in before meeting someone off the internet in-person.”

The Experimental Gourmand “The word that keeps coming back to me at the moment, however, is PASSION.”

The Spiced Life “In a word, the conference was wonderful.  I had tons of fun.”

Maroc Mama “If I had to use one word to summarize my experience it would be {generosity}.”

Tastes Better With Friends “I met some incredibly passionate people that make the food blogging world (and the world itself) a better place.”

Food and Wine 365 “At the first bite, I am happy and content, thrilled to have tried something new and impromptu…”

52 Sweets “But for now, I want to write about the take-aways, the goal clarification, the re-focus that occurred.”

Lighter and Loca“This isn’t one of those posts, this one needs to be straight up, and honest, like bourbon or a good scotch.”

eat. drink. smile. “Wondering what exactly goes on at a food writing retreat?”

Kumquat “this eat write retreat truly was a time of inspiration.”

Good Food, Good Wine, and a Bad Girl “…it’s clear that something that had been lying dormant inside of me has been coaxed into riotous bloom after spending three days learning…”

Celiacs in the House “The bloggers at this conference were the kinds of bloggers I wanted to be with and learn with as they worked to sharpen skills and become professionals worthy of respect.”

Souffle Bombay “It really was a laid back yet enriching experience.”

Travel Wine Dine “Inspire, enlighten, invigorate.”

Eat Well Eat Clean “…an amazing conference packed with useful information and loads of networking opportunities.”

Good Cook Doris! “My fellow participants and I learned proper knife skills, techniques and tips to create beautiful and flavorful dishes.”

Flamingo Musings “I could write for days about everything we learned and everything we did at Eat Write Retreat 2011, but I think you’d get just a little bit jealous.”

Healthier Kitchen “But mostly, I’m glad I attended because this conference has helped me to find my voice again.”

Always Order Dessert “I couldn’t get past all the little delicious things I discovered and ate while I was there.”

Eating is ArtThis weekend I encountered a few parts of myself I had been keeping tucked safely away from my consciousness for years.”

Girl Born Hungry “This retreat was life changing for me and it lit a fire under me to give my all to this work.”

Verses From My Kitchen “From the moment I stepped off the plane at Washington National Airport to the time my plane touched down in Toronto, it was a celebration of people and learning and community.”

The Whole Gang “This was my 4th food blogging conference and was by far my favorite.”

Asian in America “I always try to find a lesson to learn on any given day.”

Marci Gilbert’s Blog “The biggest takeaway for me was to think about my own blog and remember why I blog and what I want to get from it.”

Fork You! No, Fork You! “The first night at Eat Write Retreat was full of great food and mingling with people I’d never spoken to.”

Live Laugh Eat “It’s been nonstop eating and learning today at EWR, just as I anticipated.”

Live Laugh Eat “We had a 3-course lunch and 3 dinners. I told you, there was a lot of food, didn’t I?”

Good Spoon “I learned a lot and soaked up the experience of describing a sweet potato without describing its taste.”

Lighter and Local “I have a lot to say about this weekend, but it’s still marinating in my brain.”

eat. drink. smile. “Though I wouldn’t dare step on a scale or put on a bikini right now, I have no regrets, because it was all fabulous!”

Eat Write Retreat 2011 “After attending my first blogger retreat this weekend (Eat Write Retreat) I can say that one would be hard pressed to find a better ROI than sponsoring one of these events.”

Way More Than Cheesesteak “I want to hear my own voice in my writing again, even if it’s the softest whisper…”

3 Responses to “Eat Write Retreat 2011”

  1. Marci Says:

    Great takeaways in a beautiful city.

  2. kim Says:

    I raise a glass to Robin & Casey for creating a picture perfect event, to the workshop presenters who shared their skills, to the panelists who shared their perspectives so we could each find our own way, and my fellow participants who welcomed me into their community in a way that continues to feel like a warm embrace.

  3. Bonnie Deahl Says:

    Robin & Casey’s hard work made last weekend a weekend to remember. I am still writing posts from the fun…and more to come.
    Day 1:
    Day 2:http://partychef.typepad.com/blog/2011/05/creativity-using-your-senses.html
    Day 2: evening & Sunday…coming soon